EGCO Group and IEAT Jointly Set Up “EGCO Rayong Industrial Estate” as Smart & Green Industrial Estate to Support EEC

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EGCO Group and IEAT Jointly Set Up “EGCO Rayong Industrial Estate”
as Smart & Green Industrial Estate to Support EEC
Electricity Generating Public Company Limited or EGCO Group and the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT) signed a joint project development contract to operate “EGCO Rayong Industrial Estate”. The smart and green industrial estate is set to support investments of targeted S-Curve and New S-Curve industries with promotional privileges in the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC).
Mr. Thepparat Theppitak, EGCO Group’s President, said, “EGCO Group’s focus is on expanding our core business to extensively cover power generation and energy service businesses. Meanwhile, we are investing in energy-related business, as seen in the development of EGCO Rayong Industrial Estate, a part of our Smart Energy Solution business. We aim to make it a smart and green industrial estate with high capability to support interested investors and researchers who will jointly develop the project, in accordance with the green industrial estate concept. The key to this concept is our commitment to the environmental sustainability and responsibility toward community and the society. All business activities we have taken are the concrete proofs of our commitment to operate sustainable energy business as a member of Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI).”
EGCO Rayong Industrial Estate is located in Map Ta Phut Municipality, Huay Pong Sub-district, Muang Rayong District, Rayong Province, covering an area of 621 rai. It is expected that the land preparation and infrastructure system development will take two years to complete. The project is scheduled for opening in 2022. Targeted industries are S-Curve and new S-Curve industries with investment promotional privileges in the EEC area. Such businesses are the next-generation automotive, smart electronics, robotics, aviation and logistics, medical hub, and biofuels and biochemicals, for example.
Mr. Thepparat added, “EGCO Rayong Industrial Estate will receive benefit from the existing land equipped with full infrastructure, such as natural gas transmission pipeline, raw water pipeline, high voltage distribution system and stations, etc. Coupled by its strategic location, transportation network, and access to EEC’s basic infrastructure, the industrial estate will bring greater benefits to investors. In addition, it will provide EGCO Group with an opportunity to grow its energy-related businesses, such as Smart Grid, and Solar Rooftop & Floating facilities. We also see a good opportunity to work with smart energy business in the industrial estate, including battery and energy storage system manufacturing plant and data center.”
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